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E.O. Wilson Highlights the Joy of Discovery and Adventure in Opening Session of Half-Earth Day

“One word: poetry. That’s what the world has to offer us. A whole series of mysteries, of possible discoveries, of phenomena, of unexpected events, and objects, and things, and living organisms and so on. An infinitude, almost, on this planet, waiting out there to be enjoyed. There’s so many of this in the world waiting to be explored, and savored, and described.”

November is National American Indian Heritage Month

“The Half-Earth Project honors the wisdom of the traditional owners of the lands and waters we aim to protect and their ancient ways of seeing and experiencing nature. In the spirit of the oral tradition of the Blackfoot, we aim to honor ‘the flash of the firefly in the night, the breath of the buffalo in the wintertime, and the little shadow that runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset.’ We aim to restore and protect life. We thank our Indigenous communities for their historic stewardship of life, their critical role in reaffirming and repairing our relationship with it and their present and future partnership.” – Paula Ehrlich, President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and Lead of the Half-Earth Project

View full statement at left. Seek out the Indigenous history of the place where you live at https://native-land.ca/.

National Report Cards

“With the biodiversity of our planet mapped carefully and soon, the bulk of the Earth’s species, including ourselves, can be saved.” – E.O. Wilson

The most recent update to the Half-Earth Map introduces the National Report Cards and Species Protection Index, which help to measure how many species groups are protected by each country’s conservation efforts, focusing at the national level on how conserved places are protecting the species within them. The National Report Cards can be used to explore how well each country is doing in successfully protecting the species within their country.

The Half-Earth Project

Half-Earth is a call to protect half the land and sea in order to manage sufficient habitat to reverse the species extinction crisis and ensure the long-term health of our planet. The Half-Earth Project is bringing this goal to life.


Species Discovery

Earth is a little-known planet. Scientists estimate that only 2 million of the planet’s 10 million species have been discovered. Using new technologies and assessment techniques, species discovery is accelerating.


Boots on the Ground

The critical work to fill in the gaps in our knowledge must be done by more “boots on the ground,” a Linnean renaissance of species discovery and taxonomy work led by field biologists around the world.


Conservation Priorities

By mapping the Earth’s species at fine-scale, and in relation to human activities, the Half-Earth Project is identifying and prioritizing the places we need to manage for conservation in order to safeguard the highest number of species. With the biodiversity of our planet mapped carefully and soon, the bulk of Earth’s species, including humans, can be saved.


‘We are at a moment of no return’

“There have been many victories, but they’re victories in a losing war. I’ve worried about that a lot. It’s clear to me as it is to many others who have had experience in conservation programs that we need to take a new approach to saving biodiversity on the Earth as a whole. An effort that I call Half-Earth.”

Edward O. Wilson made these remarks during a World Majlis at Expo 2020 titled “Nature’s Giant Game of Jenga.” during Climate and Biodiversity Week. The discussion was moderated by Federica Busa, with participation from Her Excellency Razan Alexa Mubarak, Sir Tim Smit KBE, Paula J. Ehrlich, Joaquin Ruiz, Runo Sá, and Aaesha Ahmed Alexa Shehyari, with contributions from Sheikha Shamma pint Sultan bin Khalifa Alexa Nahyan, Edward O. Wilson, and Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq.

Green Radio Hour with Jon Bowermaster

Paula Ehrlich, President & CEO of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and lead of the Half-Earth Project, celebrates the upcoming Half-Earth Day in a conversation with Jon Bowermaster, and talks about E.O. Wilson, the science of Half-Earth, and how people are coming together on Half-Earth Day to discuss how they are working to achieve the goal of Half-Earth.

E.O. Wilson – The Linnean Renaissance

Take a look back with us at this 2017 interview with E.O. Wilson discussing the need to re-energize our efforts to discover and describe Earth’s species. ‘We need to explore our world as if we had just landed on a new planet and were discovering its life. There would be no limits to finding every living thing.’

‘Love Nature’ Podcast with E.O. Wilson – Part 2

In Part II of the “Love Nature: The Biophilia Podcast,” E.O. Wilson explores his concept of Half-Earth, a call to protect half the Earth’s land and sea in order to manage sufficient habitat to reverse the species extinction crisis and ensure species have the space they need to thrive. Hear how the Half-Earth Project is bringing this vision to life. (Image of E.O. Wilson by Dave Zoboski.)