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Watch Video: Half-Earth Project at the Global Biodiversity Festival


Featuring E.O. Wilson and Paula Ehrlich

Experience the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and the Half-Earth Project® at the 2021 Global Biodiversity Festival. 

The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend for the general public, with the simple goal of shining a spotlight on biodiversity loss. This global event took viewers around the globe to celebrate the weird and the wonderful, highlight the challenges life on Earth faces as well as good news conservation stories. From the 20th – 23rd of May, the festival broadcast live for 72 hours straight, with over 150 speakers sharing diverse stories and challenges of scientists, explorers, conservationists, filmmakers, and policymakers on the frontlines of the race to save the incredible variety of life on our planet…and ourselves.

E.O. Wilson welcomed attendees to the Global Biodiversity Festival in a pre-recorded message and Paula Ehrlich, CEO & President, E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, and Co-Founder of the Half-Earth Project, presented “The Importance of Protecting Biodiversity”.

The Half-Earth Project, the primary program of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation, works to fulfill the principle of Half-Earth, to conserve half the land and sea to safeguard the bulk of biodiversity and to identify and map life on Earth so we leave no species behind.

Edward O. Wilson, 91, is currently Honorary Curator in Entomology and University Research Professor Emeritus at Harvard University, Chairman of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Board of Advisors, and Chairman of the Half-Earth Council. He is generally recognized as one of the leading scientists and foremost naturalists in the world, as well as a synthesizer in works stretching from pure biology across to the social sciences and humanities. Wilson is acknowledged as the creator of two scientific disciplines (island biogeography and sociobiology), three unifying concepts for science and the humanities jointly (biophilia, biodiversity studies, and consilience), and two major advances in global biodiversity conservation (the Encyclopedia of Life and Half-Earth).



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