Vermont - A Community for a Half-Earth Future

Transformative Moments of Discovery

In Vermont, as in localities around the world, conservation efforts have important science and social components, and local action is essential. Vermonters have an abundance of natural beauty and biodiversity to be proud of, and the work they do to protect and maintain nature in their state provides an example worth exploring for others interested in doing the same.

Sandra Fary, Science in Middle School

“Several 8th graders have made it their mission to conserve half of their family’s property, whether it be less than an acre or for ‘the back forty.’  Their awareness about conservation and preservation of biodiversity has been greatly heightened due to the Half-Earth mission.”

“Half-Earth Here”

Guest blog by George Schenk and Curt and Claire Lindberg

Not every story is hard to tell, but this one is… This is a story of unfolding events, of a world changing in ways that may not be to our liking. Some changes are the result of invisible forces, of fate and chance, others from our own actions and choices. This is a story of the latter. It is a story of irreversible change, permanent and forever, with consequences we do not and can not fully understand. This is a story of extinction.

Protecting Biodiversity

We need to tend to our personal relationship with the other wild organisms on Earth. A personal relationship sustains the energy and understanding of the natural world we need to reverse the loss of biodiversity. This is because we take care of what we love. Having meaningful relationships also sustains our own health and happiness.