Trademark and Assets


These Trademark Usage Guidelines set forth the rules for using or referring to the trademarks and service marks owned by the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. These guidelines shall include the following trademarks and service marks:





a. Tagline



b. Identity


c. Icon


The Foundation considers its trademarks and service marks to be among its most valuable intellectual property assets. As such, the Foundation intends to take all appropriate measures to preserve the strength of and retain its exclusive rights to use its marks.

Prohibited Uses of Foundation Trademarks

1.     Do Not Use Foundation Trademarks in False or Misleading Advertising. Advertising for products or services offered under the Foundation Trademarks must not be false or misleading in any way and must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.

2.     Do Not Use Foundation Trademarks in Objectionable Material. You may not use Foundation Trademarks on or in connection with any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.

Do Not Use Foundation Trademarks to Disparage the Foundation. You may not use Foundation Trademarks to disparage Foundation, its products or services, or in a manner that, in Foundation’s reasonable judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the reputation of Foundation or the goodwill in the Foundation Trademarks.

Rules for Proper Usage of Foundation Trademarks

Proper usage of Foundation Trademarks is important for their continued protection. Proper usage aids consumers who depend upon the high quality of Foundation’s goods and services and helps prevent Foundation Trademarks from losing their distinctiveness and becoming generic.

1.     Set Foundation Trademarks Apart from Surrounding Text. When a Foundation Trademark is used in a non-stylized form, such as in the body text of an advertisement or press release, it should be set apart and distinguished from the other words in the text. In order to do this, the Foundation Trademark may be rendered in boldface type, italics, capital letters, underscored, or set in quotation marks.

2.     Use Foundation Trademarks as Adjectives. Trademarks are adjectives and should be followed by the generic term they modify, such as “course materials.” Never use a trademark as a noun, a verb, or in the possessive form.

3.     Do Not Abbreviate or Alter the Spelling of Foundation Trademarks or Alter Foundation Trademark logos in any way. You should not vary the appearance of Foundation Trademarks by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling, or altering their logos.

4.     Use the Proper Trademark Symbol.  The ® symbol should appear next to the first use of (a) the HALF-EARTH PROJECT trademark on all charitable services, and in all related communications, such as press releases, intended for distribution in the United States only.  For all uses of other Foundation Trademarks in the United States, the TM symbol should be used with the first or most prominent appearance of each Foundation Trademark in headlines and the first time the Foundation Trademark appears in body text.  If this is done, it is not necessary to use the symbol with each subsequent appearance of the Foundation Trademark in the same piece of material.  No trademark notices should be used in materials distributed outside the United States.

5.     Use the Proper Trademark Attribution Statement. Additionally, all marketing collateral, advertisements, product packaging, web pages, and any other materials that include any Foundation Trademarks distributed anywhere in the world must include the proper trademark attribution statement crediting ownership of the Foundation Trademarks to the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. Typically, the attribution statement is displayed at the end of the material, at the bottom of each webpage displaying one or more Foundation Trademarks, and/or in the footer of the document.


The correct trademark attribution statement when using the HALF-EARTH PROJECT word mark in association with charitable services, such as in press releases, distributed in the US only, is:

HALF-EARTH PROJECT® is a registered trademark of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation.

All Rights Reserved.

On a promotional press release displaying the HALF-EARTH marks, distributed throughout the world, the correct trademark attribution statement is:

HALF-EARTH PROJECT is a trademark of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

On all materials distributed anywhere in the world displaying the E.O. WILSON BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION mark, the correct trademark attribution statement is:

E.O. WILSON BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION is a trademark of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

**NOTE: Where copyrighted material of Foundation is also used, a notice of copyright ownership should be included in the above notice of trademark rights, as set forth in the Agreement. 

Usage Rules for Using E.O. WILSON BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION as a Trade Name

“E.O. WILSON BIODIVERSITY FOUNDATION” functions not only as a trademark and service mark identifying goods and services offered by the Foundation, but also as a trade name or company name referring to the Foundation. Trade names are nouns and, therefore, should not be followed by a generic descriptor and may be used in the possessive form. When used as a trade name, “E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation” should not be followed by a trademark symbol.



Selecting the correct logo:

When using the Half-Earth Project or the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation logos, these guidelines for selecting the correct logo should be followed:

You may use the Half-Earth Project version of the logo or the Half-Earth Project with tagline version of the logo. There is only one version of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation logo. Copies of each logo are available in color, black, and white,* in .eps and .png file types. USE OF COLOR VERSION IS STRONGLY PREFERRED. White and black are acceptable where the color version is not appropriate (does not appear well on background; the logo is being used on a black and white product).

  • Do not use the logo smaller than 1 inch wide. Larger than 1 inch is preferred for increased legibility.
  • .eps files are vector files and may be resized and exported for any use using illustrator. In print production, this file may be used as is.
  • .png is specifically for Microsoft products or online use. The file has a transparent background. If you require a white background, please export to .jpg using Photoshop.

*Note: the white files will not appear unless put on a dark background. White files cannot be exported as .jpg files unless first placed on a dark background using Photoshop.

If using on a website, please link the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and/or the Half-Earth Project name and logo as follows:

Download Half-Earth Project Logos

Download E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation Logos


When referencing the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and the Half-Earth Project, the following language should be used, unedited.

About the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation

The E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation’s mission is to foster a knowing stewardship of our world through biodiversity research and education initiatives that promote and inform worldwide preservation of our biological heritage. We believe that by enhancing our public understanding of biodiversity, we can foster a culture of stewardship in which people are inspired to conserve and protect the natural world.

About the Half-Earth Project

The Half-Earth Project has science at its core and our transcendent moral obligation to the rest of life at its heart. In collaboration with our partners, we are working to power one of the grandest conservation efforts of our time, and provide the urgently needed research, leadership and knowledge necessary to conserve half the planet for all of life.