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Take the Half-Earth Survey: Win an E.O. Wilson-signed Book!

We are pleased to announce our 2021 survey of supporters of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation and Half-Earth Project. This short survey only takes 20 minutes to fill out. Every completed survey will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 3 E.O. Wilson-signed books.

Winners will be able to choose one of the following signed books:

Half-Earth; Our Planet’s Fight for Life

The Meaning of Human Existence

Letters to a Young Scientist

Drawing will take place August 31, 2021 at 12 pm ET. Winners will be notified by email.

“There can be no purpose more enspiriting than to begin the age of restoration, reweaving the wondrous diversity of life that still surrounds us.”

– E. O. Wilson

What will completing the survey do? The foundation wants to learn how we can improve our messaging, strategy, and programs to better carry out our mission. Our followers and supporters come from all across the globe, and all walks of life. We will publish the highlights of the survey so supporters of the Half-Earth Project can better know the community of courageous conservationists they are a part of.

To start the survey, click here

or put this link in the browser of your choice: 

and thank you!