Half-Earth Map

Building on cutting-edge science, analytics and technology, the Half-Earth Project is mapping the fine distribution of species across the globe to identify the places where we can protect the highest number of species. By determining which blocks of land and sea we can string together for maximum effect, we have the opportunity to support the most biodiverse places in the world as well as the people who call these paradises home. The Half-Earth Project Map is a high-resolution, dynamic world map and decision-support tool that guides where place-based species conservation activities are needed the most to save the bulk of Earth’s species, including humans.

Educator Ambassadors

The Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador program provides a platform for teachers to engage each other and their students in the grand ambition of Half-Earth, and to inspire and connect students with the natural world. We’re working to bottle the inspiration and create the tools to get everyone to Half-Earth. With the grand ambition of Half-Earth as a moonshot, we’re counting on Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassadors to lead the way, guiding their students to be our next generation stewards.

Chairs and Scholars

The Half-Earth Chairs and Scholars program will foster the next generation of conservation scientists and leaders, support biodiversity research, mentor scholars and next-generation stewards, and provide regionally relevant expertise to engender and connect conservation efforts worldwide.

A Half-Earth Future

The Half-Earth Future programs are an invitation to companies, communities, places and scientists to consolidate and direct their conservation efforts, and contribute to a Half-Earth future in their own ways. Half-Earth is the common goal that ties them all together. By combining achievements and collaborating within and across sectors of society, these Half-Earth Future programs create a unique, common space critical to the larger success of our global efforts and create an engagement platform that gives everyone an opportunity to get involved with the Half-Earth Project.

Companies for a Half-Earth Future
Communities for a Half-Earth Future
Places for a Half-Earth Future
Scientists for a Half-Earth Future

Half-Earth Day

Half-Earth Day is an annual celebration and opportunity for scientists, conservationists, community representatives, decision-makers, and educators to share their progress towards biodiversity conservation and inspire fresh energy and engagement. The day brings together people from around the world and across disciplines to share their unique perspective and thought leadership on how we can successfully ensure the health of our planet for future generations.