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Mapping Design Challenge Revised with Inclusion Notes

Mapping Design Challenge Revised with Inclusion Notes

Updated: March 7, 2022

Educator Ambassador Tamara Jolly has revisited the project-based mapping design challenge adding notes on inclusion and teacher support. Explore the newly designed, classroom ready materials below. Your students will work in teams to answer the challenge of putting half of the United States into protection for biodiversity, grapple with evidence, and become motivated to learn more about conserving biodiversity.

Virtual Activity
The following discussion prompts and maps were modified for conducting the Mapping Design Challenge in a virtual setting with your students. We recommend teams and break-out groups to encourage collaboration, but this version can also be used on discussion boards or as a form of homework.

Watch the Challenge in Practice
Half-Earth Project Educators Ambassadors Rachel Eigner and Drew Lockwood share their experience doing the Half-Earth Mapping Design Challenge with their Biology and APES students at Reedsburg High School in Wisconsin. Get some tips on how to get the best engagement with your students.