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Little Things Add Up For Biodiversity

We invite you to check out the RoundUp App, which is an easy additional way for donors to support conserving half the world’s land and water by having purchases rounded up and the change—that little something extra—donated to the Half-Earth Project®.

Super easy to use, it just takes a minute or two to sign up and provides great flexibility. You control which purchases get rounded up and can also set minimum and maximum amounts. And these donations convey the same tax advantages as other charitable contributions.

Many of you probably agree to “round up” when asked at the grocery store. The RoundUp App will let YOU choose which charity you want to support and ensure YOU get the credit for your giving.

We were blown away at the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation by year-end donations, especially during such a challenging time for everyone. This is another way to express your support for the Half-Earth Project that we hope you will consider.

You can check it out, share with friends, and encourage them to sign up here.

Round Up & Donate Your Change


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Photo caption: Wild Dog pups at Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.

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