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Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador Initiative

“First and foremost, I urge you to stay on the path you’ve chosen, and to travel on it as far as you can. The world needs you – badly.”

— E.O. Wilson, from “Letters to a Young Scientist”

Renowned biologist, naturalist and professor Edward O. Wilson has proposed a solution to the 6th mass extinction now underway: protect half the Earth’s lands and seas to provide sufficient habitat for the rest of life, and ensure a healthy planet for future generations. It’s called Half-Earth.

As a teacher himself, Professor Wilson has encouraged students to explore nature and pursue science in order to experience the thrill of discovery and to make a difference in the world. With the goal of Half-Earth as a rallying cry, he aims to inspire teachers and students to pursue a moonshot, and truly care for our planet.

The Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador program was created to provide a platform for teachers to engage each other and their students in the grand ambition of Half-Earth and to provide educational materials that inspire and connect students with the natural world.

The Educator Ambassador program gathers passionate teachers dedicated to inspiring and activating the next generation of committed conservationists, pioneering scientists, and knowledgeable leaders through a science-based curriculum that meets current standards, and provides a forum for authentic engagement and action on behalf of Half-Earth.

As part of the Educator Ambassador peer network, community members will have access to a rich set of educational resources, from compelling videos, to cutting-edge digital textbook content, to a state-of-the-art, data-rich interactive tool for mapping Earth’s biodiversity at high-resolution. Professor Wilson’s own writings will inform and inspire this network. Educator Ambassadors will also be encouraged to share their own creative ideas for science-based conservation lessons with the other members of the community.

Become a Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador! If you are a teacher engaged with teaching science at any level, or a teacher from other disciplines who finds the Half-Earth Project compelling for its cultural, historical, and social dimensions, you are invited to become a Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador. Educators affiliated with Nature Centers, zoos, aquaria, and museums are also strongly encouraged to join.

Please contact Dennis Liu at to express interest in joining the Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassadors.