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Half-Earth Mapping Design Challenge at Edison High School

Half-Earth Project VP of Education Dennis Liu, visited the Thomas A. Edison High School in Fairfax County VA in December, at the invitation of Physics teacher Emily Berman and Mathematics teacher Alex Jarama. Emily and Alex are recipients of prestigious Knowles Teaching Fellowships, 5-year awards that support their professional development as national leading educators, including participating in activities like the Half-Earth Project Educator Ambassador Program. As ambassadors they contribute by drafting and reviewing lessons and activities that are shared with the broader community.

Dennis, Emily, and Alex spent 2 hours with students exploring the Half-Earth Project Map and designing their own solutions on how to conserve landscapes in the US to protect biodiversity and help reverse the extinction crisis. The students worked in teams of 3-4 on their maps, which they presented to their fellow students in vigorous critiquing sessions. Each team produced a unique biodiversity protection plan for the US.

This “Human Nature” drawing was made while I was talking to students about Ed and the Half-Earth Project.


Edison High School students working to choose a single parcel of land to protect for biodiversity.


A team working on putting half of the US into protection for biodiversity from the current base of 15% protected at Edison High School.


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