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Gorongosa’s Girl Power

This video originally appeared CNN series “Inside Africa”

The revival of Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique has become one of Africa’s most celebrated conservation stories. But it’s the park’s trailblazing efforts to empower women that may create the most long-lasting change. These are the inspiring stories of the ladies leading the way.

“I am Gabreila Cortiz. I work in Gorongosa National Park. I grew up in the Gorongosa village. I am the first woman ever trained as a safari tour guide in the history of Gorongosa.”

Today, she sees her achievements as the first steps in changing the perceptions of what’s possible.

“Girls in the village, they thought only a boy can do whatever they want. A girl will not. But we have to change that. How we can change that? Curating role models.”

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