Communities for a
Half-Earth Future

Half-Earth is a call to protect half the land and sea in order to manage sufficient habitat to safeguard the bulk of biodiversity. Communities for a Half-Earth Future has been created to honor and showcase community efforts that are contributing to this grand goal for our planet.

Communities for a Half-Earth Future has been created as an umbrella mechanism to recognize community organizations that are collaborating to contribute to the goal of Half-Earth. Communities for a Half-Earth Future includes not only local and regional affiliated organizations, but also online communities that are working together to contribute to Half-Earth.

Communities working together to protect our shared home
The Half-Earth Project has science at its core and our moral obligation to the rest of life at its heart. Building on cutting-edge science, analytics, and technology, the Half-Earth Project is driving a differentiating scientific understanding of how we can best support the most biodiverse places in the world as well as the people who call these paradises home. Building on this scientific leadership, Communities for a Half-Earth Future are the collaborative champions of on-the-ground conservation efforts that are driving the successful realization of Half-Earth.

Communities for a Half-Earth Future include both geographically co-located and virtually connected environmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, local governments, educational institutions and people that are collaborating to support conservation and sustainable lifestyles that contribute to Half-Earth. Communities for a Half-Earth Future are mutually motivated to create synergies across their diverse experience and expertise that drives broader opportunities for overall success, and can be a model for other communities seeking ways to support their community’s conservation priorities and ambitions and to contribute to the goal of Half-Earth.

Inaugural Communities for a Half-Earth Future
The Half-Earth Project has nominated pillar community coalitions to be inaugural Communities for a Half-Earth Future:

Biophilic Cities
The Half-Earth Project nominated Biophilic Cities as a pillar community coalition and inaugural Community for a Half-Earth Future, for the work they are already doing to convene communities, advance global species conservation, and celebrate nature across diverse environments and cultures.

Biophilic Cities Must Also Become Communities for a Half-Earth Future – Increasingly, the design and planning of cities is placing nature at the center of urban life. This is the key insight behind the vision and global movement around Biophilic Cities. It is a recognition that nature is essential in our urban life; necessary for flourishing human lives.
The Biophilic Cities Community – Sprawling land-use patterns are a worldwide threat to biodiversity. Cities must embrace compactness and density to minimize their considerable and growing spatial footprints. 

Vermont, A Community for a Half-Earth Future
The Vermont Community for a Half-Earth Future began as an effort to protect the Winooski Watershed. The Vermont Community is, in the words of Waitsfield resident Curt Lindberg of Vermont Alliance for Half-Earth, “a network of interested citizens” who, after attending the 2018 Half-Earth Day at the American Museum of Natural History, sought ways to bring the idea of Half-Earth home to Vermont in a much broader ways.

Vermont Community

The Long Run
The Long Run is a collection of the world’s most sustainable, nature-based travel destinations. Collectively, The Long Run helps to conserve over 20-million-acres of biodiversity and improves the lives of 750,000 people. The Long Run is committed to a continuous journey of improvement towards excellence in sustainability via the 4Cs—Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce. Their collaborative efforts for conservation around the world make The Long Run an exemplary Community for a Half-Earth Future.

How can nature-based tourism businesses support the goal of Half-Earth? – The Long Run is one of many Communities for a Half-Earth Future, which have a sense of common purpose in working together towards the goal of Half-Earth. We believe that, when done well, nature-based tourism can contribute to Half-Earth 

The Long Run – A Global Community
The Long Run is a network of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability. The community is global in scope and growing with the aim of maintaining a healthy and productive planet for posterity. Collectively, Long Run members conserve over 23-million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 750,000 people.

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums, representing more than 230 facilities in the United States and overseas. AZA dedicates millions of dollars annually to support scientific research, conservation, and education programs, and are leaders in animal care and welfare. The AZA is recognized as a Community for a Half-Earth Future because of the pillar role that zoos and aquariums play across diverse communities as a forum for dialogue and engagement in the importance of species conservation.

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

What does it mean to be a Community for a Half-Earth Future?
Communities for a Half-Earth Future is a mechanism for communities – including the people and organizations that are uniting within communities – to affiliate their conservation activities with the grand ambition of Half-Earth and to be recognized for their contributions to the goal of Half-Earth.

Communities for a Half-Earth Future will be recognized for the unique and inspiring ways they work together to contribute to the Half-Earth vision. Their conservation achievements and collaborative best practices will be showcased on the Half-Earth Project’s communication and engagement platforms, providing examples and inspiration for other communities interested in coming together in support of Half-Earth. Through their affiliation with the Half-Earth Project, Communities for a Half-Earth Future expand their reach and enhance participation in their collaborative conservation efforts, working together in common cause with others to contribute to the goal of Half-Earth.

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