It is time to save the very fabric of life on Earth and raise our conservation efforts to a new level. It’s time to save half of the planet’s surface for the immensity of life upon which we absolutely depend, and which depends upon us.

Our survival is inextricably entwined with the survival of all species that call our planet home. Yet our current destructive trajectory is resulting in mass extinction of species and irreparable damage to our world. With his Half-Earth call-to-action E.O. Wilson has inspired a “moonshot” and created the groundwork for one of the grandest conservation efforts of our time, the Half-Earth Project.

The Half-Earth Project has science at its core and our transcendent moral obligation to the rest of life at its heart.


“Humanity is passing through a bottleneck of overpopulation and environmental destruction.  
At the other end, if we pass through safely and take most of Earth’s life forms with us,
human existence could be a paradise compared to today.”

—E.O. Wilson